Papa Bam Bam is back.

We are bringing back our sessionable pale ale, Papa Bam Bam. That’s right, it’s back and ready for its next seasonal shift on a patio near you (as soon as the snow clears, naturally). Since everything at Tool Shed is best served with a story, grab your beer, and read on.


Neil Bamford is the man depicted on these cans. If we had to pick a guru of home brewing in Alberta, we’d nod our heads in Neil’s direction. Along with his partner Tom Corbett, they own and run The Vineyard Home Brew shop which is a mecca for home-brewers-turned-craft-brewers, like our founders, Graham and Jeff.


Neil never desired to own a brewery. Instead, he directed his passion to guiding, educating, and supporting all those who did want a brewery to call their own. To our brewtastical delight, we saw Neil strolling down the street in Victoria at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in 2016. We kidnapped him, threw him in our van and so became the turning point with Neil and the Tool Shed team. After spending time together at the festival, we had an eureka moment-it dawned on us that Neil needs to be respected for all his work in the industry and that’s precisely what we did! We created a beer in his name to honour the Godfather of home brewing-this smooth, oatmeal pale ale is full of citrus aromas of grapefruit and slight spicy pine notes. The only thing smoother than Pa Pa Bam Bam is Neil himself and it is not our fault that we can’t top that.


We are particularly fond of Storytime around these parts, so stay tuned weekly for another installment.

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