If you could thank anyone for the amazing recent explosion of craft breweries opening in our province, who would it be? We’d like to thank Neil Bamford who, along with his amazing partner Tom Corbett, run The Vineyard home-brew shop. Where else does a craft brewing revolution start but at the local home-brew shop? Neil seems to be fueled by a mission of turning home-brewers into pro-brewers. He is the passion and knowledge (if Neil wore all his brewing medals at once he’d have more gold than Mr. T) that nurtures that initial spark in the eyes of home brewers as they walk through his doors for the first time resulting in many of the professional breweries Alberta now enjoys!

This one is for Neil.

The beer is a sessionable Oatmeal Pale ale utilizing Cascade as a single hop variety which imparts sweet floral citrus aromas of grapefruit and lines balanced with a slight spicy pine notes on the palate. At 4.5% with a balanced crisp bitterness. This beer is a PERFECT companion for summer patio sessions, but then again so is Neil.

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