Flat Cap Stout

Every once in a while a LEGEND comes around and revolutionizes an industry. For craft beer canning, that legend is Jamie Gordon. A home-brew shop owner who, back in 1999, hand-built a small [...]

People Skills

This cream ale is influenced by a man who hates birthdays; So much in fact, that he nearly caused an international incident over a birthday cake! Our friend Joe taught us that not everyone is [...]

Star Cheek

Some people get cranky when they drink, some get all emotional and huggy, others climb buildings naked… In Jeff’s case, he gets really flushed, exposing a perfect white star on his right cheek! [...]

Red Rage

This ale is inspired by the undocumented, freakish strength possessed by gingers (or at least by Graham). For those who are unaware of this phenomenon, red rage is, unofficially, the ONE thing [...]